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stocktaking solutions.

Swift Stocktaking provides counting, stockfill and general inventory services to a wide range of industries in and around Melbourne. Our dedicated workforce is a team of experienced and highly motivated people with a broad skills set and exposure to a wide range of stocktake situations. We have the flexibility to provide any level of stocktake and inventory service, from manual pre-count to complete inventory control, for small businesses to large corporate enterprises.

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About Us

At Swift, we have the capacity to meet a broad range of corporate stocktake situations. Whether you need one person or fifty, our highly-qualified and experienced team will be able to cater for your needs.

  • ✓  Hardware
  • ✓  Home & Garden
  • ✓  Sports Equipment
  • ✓  Clothing Retailers
  • ✓  Newsagents/Stationery
  • ✓  Officeware
  • ✓  Supermarkets
  • ✓  Grocery/Mixed Business
  • ✓  Warehouse/Supply-chain Centres
  • ✓  Storage Centres

Swift Stocktaking operates on a minimal-disruption philosophy, meaning that we offer significant work-time flexibility: performing the bulk of inventory tasks out-of-hours minimises fuss, and maximises quality.

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Stock sorting and organisation, or pre-counting to cluster stock to standard count quantities goes a long way to ensuring an accurate count. Our pre-count team can make your entire facility count-ready.

Manual Stocktake

Our team is highly experienced in manual counting. We have a proven track record of high reliability, which we attribute to our pre-count process, coupled with our positive team culture.

Electronic Count

Employing state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous counting procedures ensures the highest levels of data integrity. We employ advanced technology to improve quality and save our Clients money.

Total Inventory Control

Swift can take over your entire inventory process, from pre-count to post-reporting, employing bespoke software/hardware solutions. Leave your counting to us, sit back and await the results!

Electronic Documentation

Our systems are highly customisable, and easily accessible. They can be provided in a variety of outputs to suit the Client's existing financial control system.

Data Retention

Our data retention systems meet ISO 9001 standards for quality management and record retention, and built-in redundancy ensures long-term access to your data is not an issue.


Our team have a proven reputation operating with some of the biggest names in town.
Services we have provided include: routine stocktake, pre-count, stock replenishment, casual inventory services,
general shopfitting, and warehousing stock control.